Cheap All Inclusive Family Vacations

Most of everyone having no idea about how much does it cost for cheap all inclusive family vacations & Budget backpacker Travel  in Sri Lanka. This is a super quick Article just to let you know the prices of everything so let’s go so before you go you can get organized.

cheap all inclusive backpacker vacations
backpack or travel in Sri Lanka

Planning Session & Visa Request

First get your visa online this costs 35 US dollars. if you do it online and about 36 or 38 if you buy a visa on arrival now just check.

if your passport country is eligible for visa on arrival if not just do it online. I did online and it took about four minutes all up and it came back in like one or two hours so it was a really fast process.

After Approved Visa

Once you arrive an International Airport you’ll have to make your way into the cities. I call it the bus which is the cheapest option it’s a government public bus get on.

After Arrival to Sri Lanka

Then you buy your ticket on there and if any of you guys are wondering. When you come out of the airport ahead straight out of the airport turn left walk to the end of the airport building.


Travel By Bus Sri Lanka
Travel By Bus Sri Lanka

Travel By Bus Sri Lanka

then you should be able to see the carpark and the bus pulls in there there’s one that leaves every. I would say ten every five or ten minutes it’s quite regular and that is a hundred and ten rupees.

it’s about $1 one US dollar one-way so it takes you to right into the center of Colombo itself.

Tavel by train Sri lanka

if you’re wanting to catch a train straight from there not wishing to stay in Colombo.

You can simply just walk to the train station because the main bus station. The main train station are about one- or two-minute walk away from one another.

Tavel by train Sri lanka
Tavel by train Sri lanka

Tuk Tuk Sri lanka

when I arrived in Colombo, I took a tuk-tuk to the hotel this one was not made. It so I had to barter for $4 four US dollars with the trip and it was around four kilometers.

if you take a media tuk-tuk it’s got the taxi sign on top of the truck token it says metered taxi.


Tuk Tuk Sri lanka
Tuk Tuk Sri lanka

Cheapest Budget Hotel Rooms

Hotel that I stayed at was check-in Colombo and there you have a dorm that starts from $12 twelve US dollars a night for one four. Bed room bed I’ll insert some pictures. I stayed in a private double room and they start from $52 fifty-two US dollars.

All the attractions in Colombo are basically free that I did there was museum. that costs three US dollars to visit and I walked most of the time. I wasn’t taking cookbooks in the city as I like I wanted to explore the city from Colombo

cheap all inclusive backpacker vacations
sri lanka budget bedrooms

Travel Sri Lanka

I went to Kandy the train was about three or four hours I think and it was a fifty dollar so a $50 dollar fifty US didn’t second-class. So it was I will show you guys at the picture. It was open window get on fast or you might have to stand then hotel in Kandy.

I said it was o’clock in hotel Kandy there cheapest option is a capsule so if you haven’t seen capsule just Google are ten US dollars for one night they do have dorm beds there which start at $14 fourteen US dollars per night and their double rooms of $45 forty five US dollars for one night in Kandy.

After I did go to a cultural dance and that was ten US dollars yet ten US dollars the Train then back into Colombo was again one dollar fifty I stayed one night at a hostile really close to the train station.

I can’t remember the name it was $15 fifteen US dollars for a door but it was walking distance to the train station walking distance to the bus station so it was perfect for just what staying one night before catching the train early the next morning.

Cheap All Inclusive Backpacker Vacations
Travel Sri Lanka


I wanted to go to golf. So I took the train which was a $8 dollar eighty us the hotel in Galle. I stayed three nights in a private room in Galle. It was a private double room and that was $60 sixty US dollars for three nights it was inside the fort.

So you could walk everywhere also took a bus for a couple of cents maybe like 20 cents to even watch and and would tune out the beach. It’s about 20 cents on the bus the train back so dollar eighty to get back to Colombo.

Cheapest Budget Foods in Sri Lanka

Then bus back to the airport so add another dollar on there in terms of food prices and dinging I’m vegan I didn’t eat out so much there are lots of vegan vegetarian restaurants inside the fort in Galle.

Cheap All Inclusive Family Vacations
Cheap Foods Sri Lanka

In Colombo as well and a large meal with like a drink was about $6 – $8 six to eight dollars. Local restaurants are obviously much cheaper I did do a lot of shopping at the supermarket fresh fruit and things.

I brought dried food and it’s really inexpensive. So food is not a big expense in Sri Lanka for Cheap All Inclusive Family Vacations.

So water the pineapples kind of big 200 grams of grapes and a small watermelon. That was $5 five dollars Australian all up.

I hope this Article has been helpful to you guys thinking or wondering. How much it would cost a backpack in Sri Lanka.

Looking for some budget backpacking destinations. Because Sri Lanka definitely is one of best Travel Locations for cheap all inclusive family vacations.


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