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Welcome to Sri Lanka! This island off the coast of India has long been on my bucket-list for loads of reasons. Best Tourists Attractions Like having the best safari outside of Africa. Boasting eight UNESCO World Heritage sites to explore and lots of lovely, gorgeous beaches. Complete with idyllic white sand and crystal clear water that’s perfect for surfing.

Welcome to Sri Lanka

Tourists Attractions
Unawatuna Beach

In fact, for an island about a ¼ of the size of the UK, there’s loads to see and do. Its depending of course on what you want out of your trip. We are going to tell you about getting here some tips on transport. Then some stuff on food, money and language and some awesome places to visit.

So, let’s get on with this article. We flew 10 hours direct to Colombo, which is Sri Lanka’s capital city. Flights arrive at Bandaranaike International airport. its is 30km north of the city. Taxis are very cheap in Sri Lanka. This can be the easiest and certainly quickest way to reach your destination from the airport.

Tourists Attractions

Best and Cheapest Travel Ways to Tourist Attractions

If you’re heading straight into Colombo you can catch the express bus which takes about 25 minutes. To be honest the taxis are so cheap it’s a no-brainer. To enter the country you’re need a visa. Now this can be done.Get it done before you leave.

Applications cost $35 and take around 24 hours to process. Also you’re need to make sure that your vaccinations are up to date. Like your tetanus and typhoid. Check with your GP beforehand.

Travel By Bus Sri Lanka
Travel By Bus Sri Lanka

What do you need to know about public transport in Sri Lanka? Well, in all honesty, quite a bit. Public transport conditions great. its popular with locals as it’s very cheap Buses tend to leave when they’re full. So for anyone on a schedule we’d give them a miss.

Also, trains are often slower and less efficient than simply getting a taxi. My advice take anything described as luxury or express with a generous pinch of salt. The key thing in Sri Lanka is that your money goes a long way. For example our two-hour taxi  from Colombo to Unawatuna cost 9000 rupees.

which is actually about $50, For this reason we made the most of getting around with private car hire and tuk-tuks. Hiring a driver to chauffeur you around is surprisingly affordable and, let’s face it. way more luxurious! to travel Tourists Attractions


Tuk Tuk Sri lanka
Tuk Tuk Sri lanka

Keep in Mind Facts

It’s also a big timesaver which is a massive a bonus. The roads are in surprisingly good condition. Just watch out for the tourists, the cyclists, the buffalo, stray dogs, and massive lizards. They all make it a little hair-raising at times. We used Uber to navigate Colombo and Red Cabs for everywhere else.

Failing that you could always haggle for a tuk tuk, which are ideal for quick journeys. There are a couple of things you need to know before you start off.

  1. always agree the price before settings off
  2. be direct about where you want to go, don’t settle for any detours or any other places they might want to take you.

Top Ecotourism Destinations & Tourist Attractions

Anyway, here are some of my favourite things to do in Sri Lanka. Unawatuna is loved by locals and tourists a like. With palm trees, white sands and blue waters, it’s easy to see why it’s one of Sri Lanka’s most popular beaches.

Right behind the beach is a small shopping strip for souvenirs and restaurants. Ladies going topless on the beach is a definite no-no. If you’re a couple, make the P in PDA stand for PRIVATE, not PUBLIC.

OK, Newsflash!!! Sri Lanka has the best safari outside of Africa. Since the country has one of the highest rates of indigenous plants and animals in the world. Udawalawe NationalPark is a personal highlight of mine and home to some 200 different species.

Ecotourism tourist spot

If you’re looking for Elephants it’s the best place to see wild ones. Especially early in the morning and later afternoon when they’re avoiding the midday heat. If you’re looking for stunning views, and clichés about breathtaking scenery.

Ella is gorgeous – really take the time to explore the area’s natural beauty and simple vista points.

Tourists Attractions
Tavel by train Sri lanka

Of course no trip to Ella would be complete without stopping by 9 arches bridge for a selfie!!  As you can see, the train is super loud!! .We took the iconic 6 hour train journey from Ella to Kandy,and since we’ve already established. Ella is the one of most visiting Tourists Attractions in Sri lanka.

That you don’t get trains for speed and convenience, it’s all about the views. Fares are really cheap and upgrading to first class with allocated seating and ceiling fans. Genuinely won’t make a impact on even the most stringent of budgets.

just bear in mind that tickets can only be purchased on the day of travel. So arrive early to avoid disappointment. Remember what I said earlier about having realistic expectations? Well at one point we passed through a storm and our first class carriage leaked.

Bear in mind that Sri Lanka has a tropical climate and this rain lasted for HOURS. Our seats and bags were soaked. The trains aren’t comfortable but they’re certainly an experience. When you get to Kandy visit Sri Dalada Maligawa or The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic.

Temple of Tooth Relic Kandy Sri Lanka
Temple of Tooth Relic Kandy Sri Lanka

It’s a beautiful. the sacred temple that houses a tooth which belonged to the Buddha! To enter the site, you’ll need to cover up appropriately and remove your shoes. Dambulla is most famous for its epic rock cave temple. Its is filled with huge Buddha statues. the most famous religious Tourists Attractions in Sri Lanka.

Here’s some stuff you need to know about visiting this important holy place. Posing for pictures with the Buddha is frowned upon because it’s custom never to have your back to him. As with all temples, Buddhist or Hindu, guests must be appropriately dressed when visit some of Tourists Attractions in Sri lanka.

Take off your shoes and any headgear and make sure that legs and shoulders are covered. If in doubt, follow the locals and do what they do. Speaking of locals, these cheeky chaps will swipe even the most well-hidden snack. so don’t leave your bag unattended.

Sigiriya, it’s an ancient temple at the top of a mountain carved out of the bedrock. It’s also called Lion Rock because of the giant paws that guard the entrance way. Now if tourists aren’t your thing, and let’s face it. They can be quite annoying, you might want to check this out instead. Sigiriya is one of the most popular Tourists Attractions.

sigiriya rock fortress Tourists Attractions
Sigiriya Rock Fortress Sri Lanka

Pidurangala; It’s less well known but offers stunning views of the main Tourists Attractions . It’s also significantly cheaper at 500 rupees. Rather than the 7,500 at Sigiriya. Though we’ll say the climb is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Go around 430 in the afternoon and make it for sunset.

Polonnaruwa is divided in two parts the new and the old, and it’s the old town which is made up of the ancient ruins of the royal city. Which put me in mind of a Sri Lankan equivalent to the Roman Forum in Italy.

Tourists Attractions

It’s a great place to pretend to be Lara Croft and spend the day exploring the hundreds of ancient tombs, temples and statues. This is colombo, what you need to know is it’s big and it’s busy. There’s lots to see and do here. But what’s great about it is you can start spending on your card in Tourists Attractions of Sri lanka..

Sri Lankan Spicy Foods

There’s uber to get around and there’s fast food restaurants that you might recognize from home. Fast-food isn’t for everyone so for something more authentic, this stop-over city is the perfect place to sample traditional Sri Lankan cuisine.

sri lankan rice curry buffet
Sri Lankan Rice Curry Buffet

Mmm… they’re really good. Food is always a big appeal to my travels. There’s plenty of it here in Sri Lanka. With my personal highlight being egg hoppers and a side of breathtaking view in Ella.  Another delight was the street food in Kandy.

I’m here in a very noisy Kandy, just bought some street food from the market. Got a really long journey later so I’m gonna snack on these on the way up, but I couldn’t resist having a bite of this vegetable roll, it’s really good.

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Cheap Foods Sri Lanka

Dhal and then Pol Sambol which is made out of of coconut scrapes, a bit of lemon in it and some green chillies. So this is like the authentic Sri Lankan way, not made for you, so be careful! It’ll be spicy! Tourists Attractions and spicy foods

If you just show this to a Sri Lankan person as this, this will be like Sri Lankan breakfast. Oh, ok. Ah you’re having breakfast. So breakfast. But yeah, the more you add, like more items you add, the more you add like white rice.

It could be like your lunch. Ok, so the meals get bigger as the day goes on. We talked more about food and then Sri Lankan taught me how to eat like a real Sri Lankan. Like lower than this point, you shouldn’t touch food.

So it’s like mostly you touch from the top, yeah fingertips. My mother always like, you know, shouted at me if I, if I put food like… Dirty hands! Yeah dirty hands. So that’s, that’s the only rule that is given by parents.

So other than that, you can mix and match anything ok and eat it. Does it matter what hand you use, I’m right-handed? So mostly, like people eat from right hand. Like shake your hand. Yeah. So right hand is good as your eating hand as well, yeah.Ok.

Sri Lankan Traditional Foods

That was really good. Mmm! It’s really spicy, it’s really tasty. It’s really spicy and that’s one reason that I love it because I love spicy food. Yeah it’s delicious! Shall we carry on, but we’re gonna catch up in a little while to talk about some language.


Sri Lankan Sinhala Language

So we’re gonna carry on eating and I’ll see you in a bit. We do have two main languages which are Sinhalese and Tamil. the most spoken language in Sri Lanka. “Karunakara” is like please. But yeah, but you can use please also.

But then, thank you is a very nice thing to say all the time, so, “stutiyi”.  Yeah, you can make anyone happy by saying “stutiyi”. I’ll remember that! Then as in any country, we also do have a welcome phrase, which is called “Ayubuvan”. when you say “Ayubuvan” you should like put your hands together and say ayubuvan like with a little bow Ok.

“Ayubuvan”is like even, there are images in the airport and like many other places withm this sign which usually means “Ayubuvan” or welcome. mostly when a guy see’s another guy, you know there’s this like phrase that we use called “machang”.

So, you can also say it like “Hey machang”. So you get into a tuk-tuk. You say hi and then there’s the tuk-tuk driver in front and you’re in the back and then you want to go straight first. say “kelin yanna”.

So left please would be like “vamata” and “dakunata” is to your right. Then you can say also “navatvanna” is like stop. But that’s longer. So if you just say like “Oh, oh”. That’s stop… stop.

How do I say goodbye? It’s usually bye, but we say see you again would be “nævata hamuvemu”. There we go. Thank very much, thank you! Fortunately, English is widely spoken and will be used in most public or commercial environments.

Sri Lankan Exchange Rates and Prices

Thanks again Sri Lankans for you help… Now let’s talk money. The currency here is the Sri Lankan rupee. It’s a closed currency. Which means you can only get money when you’re here. Now you’ll have to change it up but if you’ve got USD Dollars , Euros , Scottish or Pound notes, they won’t be accepted so bear that in mind.

One thing to remember is that cash is much more useful than your bank card Particularly. When you’re in more rural areas. So here’s a breakdown of what we spent Return flights with Sri Lankan Airways cost £468 per person. Worldwide travel insurance with Holiday Extras cost £16 .3 hours in the No1 Lounge Heathrow.also with (you guessed it) Holiday Extras, cost £32 each a guest room in Dambulla cost £40 per night.

This street food in Kandy was 145 rupees (that’s about 66p!) This authentic Sri Lankan curry was 400 rupees One and half litres of bottled water costs around 95 rupees. While talking water, the bottle must be sealed and definitely don’t drink.

The tap Entrance  to the Cave Temple in Dambulla 1500 rupees Elephant safari at Udawalawe National Park was 17000 rupees each Donations. When visiting free Tourists Attractions & religious sites we’d suggest 500 rupees.If you’re planning to spend your remaining rupees in duty free bear in mind that.

They only accept American Dollars $, so make sure you change them up before going through security. For up to date exchange rates you can check or download their app, and as our time in Sri Lanka comes to a close make sure to subscribe for more awesome travel guides.

So that’s it for Sri Lanka. I have had an amazing time. We’ve explored the country, we’ve gone on safari and seen wild elephants, I’ve eaten far too much food and I’m now going to go home and tell all of my friends and family to do just come and do the same. Anyway, on that note, and I’ll see you next blog article about more Tourist Attractions of Sri Lanka.

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