Free Online Courses from University of Oxford

Welcome to as you all know the quarantine period is going on. So mostly people are at home. Today we will discuss a greatest Free Online Courses from University of Oxford.

Free Online Courses from University of Oxford

University of Oxford
University of Oxford

Everyone is able to apply like job holder. This is eligible intermediate students can also apply. Now you are able to study in University of Oxford which is one of the top ranked universities of the ranks 4rd in overall world ranking.

IELTS not required! No age restriction! as well as it is totally free !  no application fee ! no study fee! One more amazing thing is that you will get admission 100 percent. There is no chance that after registration you will be rejected because it is an online course. Class is online means you will study the courses at your home and at the end of your classes you will get a certificate from University of Oxford.

Why Online Courses ?

After getting this certificate you know your CV will become stronger because you have an additional degree from top rank university of UK.It automatically enhances your chances for scholarship in UK.

Free Online Courses

Go to official website of University of Oxford (click here).In the home page of online courses and There you will find all online courses, almost are every courses are available like engineering and arts etc on the site.Now you have to click on courses tab . After clicking on courses this kind of page will appear from which you are able to select any course according to your subject these all are free.

Online Class room

Select field to learn. For example, clicking on construction management actually im already doing this course. Then it will give you a list of all things about courses.(course level, University, Study method, course duration entry Requirement and starting date).

How to Create a Student Profile

Read the description about course Right after this click on start course (Student registration). Then new page will appear. Now you have to create a free account by just putting the detail like first select your title, full name. Please write your name Like Printed on your passport or National Identity Card (NIC). That is the name will Printed on your certificate.This will not change then your family name like father name. Then put your email address then repeat email address. Then set your password then repeat your password and enter your country name.

Online Learn

Accept the term and conditions after that click on create account. Now you are able to attend class. This is my account same will show in your case. Different tabs will showing in the left hand side and if you want to see your courses in which you are enrolled.

Then click on My courses new page will open in which you are able to see your status like my status is in process mean im doing this course right now. If you want to enroll in other courses. Then just click on Enroll then list of courses will appear with its rating.

What will be Benefit of Oxford University Online Courses

Furthermore, you can also change the difficulty level of your course. if you want to know the syllabus or assignment then click on Access Course tab. And download your assignment and your course material.

online certification courses free

One more thing after applying you have two options like digital certificate or hard from Certificate. if you need certificate in hard form you have to pay 10 dollar for digital and 25 for hard. It very from course to course like some course have no fee for certificate That’s all about it.

Wish you all the best.

Good Luck!!


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