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Inspiring Vacations in Sri Lanka is a really diverse country. We are talking everything from ancient cities, to rolling tea plantations, amazing beaches, dramatic landscapes, a huge variety of wildlife, colonial architecture, and even a chaotic city scene.

So without further ado here are my Top 12 Favorite Things We Did Inspiring Vacations in Sri Lanka.

1.A Safari.

safari sri lanka

You know me, I’m all about seeing wild animals in their natural habitats, not locked up in a cage. In Sri Lanka, you can experience wildlife in one of their many national parks. We went Leopard Safaris to do both an evening and morning game drive around Wilpttu National Park, where you can spot all kinds of animals, including elephants and leopards if you’re lucky.

Sri Lankan leopard
safari sri lanka

So we got really really lucky to have seen an actual big animal like a leopard while we were there today. And we saw an elephant yesterday.

2.Mobile Camping.

Inspiring Vacations Camping night sri lanka
Camping night sri lanka

We didn’t just do a safari. We also camped out near the park. Well okay not like hardcore camping. More like glamping. This is basically our home that we come back to Naturally the first question I had was where do I go to the bathroom? So you come out here, the toilet’s here and you do have toilet paper, it’s a western toilet. To wash up, you come out here.

Campfire Sri Lanka
Campfire Sri Lanka

You have you pot of water you got your soap. Got my water. And now I rinse it off with my cup. And of course, the next question was where do we shower? So shower’s right here. On top of that, we also got fed some of the best food we experienced the entire trip. The Leopard Safaris team was even nice enough to accommodate my vegan diet. Thanks guys. They seasoned it so well. It’s just so delicious. There’s just so many different flavors and aromas. It’s very colorful. Food here is very good.

3.Explore Anuradhapura .

Inspiring Vacations Archeological sites Sri Lanka
Archeological sites Sri Lanka

This ancient city dates all the way back to the 4th century BC. That’s pretty old. At its height, the city was dotted with monasteries and over 10,000 monks. It has more than a dozen archeological sites, and we cycled through all of them. One of the major Inspiring Vacations highlights from this was visiting the 3 largest man-made stupas in Sri Lanka, which at the time of the Egyptian pyramids, were the 2nd largest man-made structure in the world.

 4.Visit the Ritigala Monastery.

Ritigala Sri Lanka Mountain
Ritigala Sri Lanka Mountain

I’m almost hesitant to share this one because it was such a rare gem. It spreads across 700 acres of land and was home to forest monks who lived a simple way of life long ago, but now it’s completely abandoned. What makes it so rare is how untouched it is. There were no crowds, no litter, just pure unfiltered nature.

5.Climb the Sigiriya Rock Fortress.

Inspiring Vacations sigiriya rock fortress
Sigiriya Rock Fortress Sri Lanka

You will be climbing 1200 steps to get there, but it’s 100% worth it. Sigiriya is one of the most beautiful Inspiring Vacations historical locations in the world. Combine its beauty with its mythical past of feuding dynasties, and you have a history lesson that you actually want to learn.

6.Walk Through the Sri Lankan Garden.

sri lankan rice curry buffet
Sri Lankan Rice Curry Buffet

This is working spice and fruit farm in Matale set against the spectacular views of mountains. The varieties of exotic herbs, fruits, and veggies found across his land are quite impressive. And afterwards they let us in on some of the magic behind their cooking as they whipped us up an incredible traditional home cooked Sri Lankan meal for Inspiring Vacations.

7.Visit the Temple of the Tooth.

Temple of Tooth Relic Kandy Sri Lanka
Temple of Tooth Relic Kandy Sri Lanka

Although Sri Lanka’s population practices a variety of religions, the most popular is Buddhism. So According to tradition, a sacred tooth relic of the Lord Buddha was brought to Sri Lanka in the 4th Century A.D. and was enshrined right here within the Temple of the Tooth.

8.Explore the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Inspiring Vacations Royal Botanical Gardens
Royal Botanical Gardens

It’s the largest botanical garden in the city of Kandy. My mom was pretty much in heaven here because of her long-time obsession with flowers. She even got an autograph from our guide who was an expert botanist and basically a walking encyclopedia.

9.Visit a modern-day tea factory.

Sri Lanka is one of the world’s largest exporters of tea. The tea factory we visited included a tour of both the fields and the factory itself. I can honestly say after seeing all the work that goes into what seems like a simple cup of tea, I’ll have a much bigger appreciation of every sip I take.

10.Explore the Architecture Around Galle Fort.

galle fort sri lanka
galle fort sri lanka

Galle Fort was a huge contrast to everything else we’d seen during the trip – that’s because it’s of colonial past. It was built by the Portuguese and fortified by the Dutch. We explored the cobblestoned pathways and European architecture and noticed just how multi-ethnic and multi-religious the population is It’s a melting pot of cultures and communities.

11.Visit to The Lotus Tower & Explore the Culture of Colombo.

Inspiring Vacations Colombo Sri Lanka
Inspiring Vacations Colombo Sri Lanka

Colombo provided us a very different experience from the lush jungle landscapes we saw so much of. Here where we found bustling city streets with lots of Tuk Tuks, urban temples, and cool architecture. Lotus Tower is the major iconic landmark you must visit Inspiring Vacations in Sri Lanka.

12.Eat Fresh Fruit.

Inspiring Vacations Sri Lankan Fresh Fruit
Sri Lankan Fresh Fruit

Do not leave Sri Lanka without pulling over to the side of the road and buying some fresh fruits from a fruit stand. We did this so many times during our trip because the fruit was so good. It was fresh, juicy, and super tasty. Now there are plenty of ways to get around Sri Lanka. One of the famous ways is by train because it allows you to see stunning views of Sri Lanka’s countryside.

We were only in Sri Lanka for a week though, so we didn’t have time to experience a famous train ride. Instead, we visited all the attractions on my list via a car service that was provided by Sri Lankan Style.

Our driver was so friendly and knowledgeable and was able to give us insight on everything

we saw as we were driving throughout the country. we had an incredible time in Sri Lanka.  On top of the authentic experiences they arranged for us, they also found us some of the most beautiful boutique hotels Sri Lanka had to offer  because, you know, only the best for Tourists, right?


We can honestly say that Sri Lanka is one country anyone wouldn’t mind revisiting.If you want to see more of my adventures in Sri Lanka? Check out our entire blog. And don’t forget to share this article and stay tune for more.Thanks for reading and we will catch you on the next article.

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