Lotus Tower Sri Lanka

Lotus Tower Sri Lanka, The  Sri Lankan number one iconic landmark you must visit. The design of this building is inspired by the Lotus flower. That’s why it’s called the “Lotus Tower” the  symbolic landmark of Sri Lanka.

The Lotus Tower Colombo Sri Lanka
The Lotus Tower Colombo Sri Lanka

Lotus Tower Sri Lanka

Country’s rich cultural heritage the variegation, purity, specialarity of the country has been depicted by the means of this. Sinhala Name is “Nelum Kuluna“.Also said, it depicts the flourishing development of the country as the bud blooming out of mud.

The Lotus Tower ,Administration is done by the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission. Visit Web Site is Click here.

Philosophy of The Lotus Tower Sri Lanka

According to the book “Light of the Asia” written by Edwin Arnold has mentioned Lord Buddha, as the enlightened one, awake like the Lotus flower emerged from mud. lotus, symbolic of the individual’s journey up through the “mud” of existence likewise the tower has bloomed in the middle of our country.

Dimensions & Comparison of World Tallest Towers

height of lotus tower
height of lotus tower (350m)

symbol of purity The Project is located in a land in D.R Wijewardana road spread in a scope of 3.6 hectares. The 350m tall monumental tower spanning over 30,600 square meters of floor area. When constructing the basement 20 meters had been dig through. height of lotus tower 350m

Lotus Tower Colombo Entrances & Tickets

The tower has four separate entrances with two being used as VIP entrances. A pass is required to shift in between the floors. Therefore, one can’t use the same pass to shift between the floors. For an instance, you can’t use the pass used to enter to the banquet hall can’t be used to enter to the revolving restaurant. An entrance ticket will be required to enter the Lotus Tower.

more info Visit Nelum Kuluna Official Website Click here 

Nelum Kuluna Colombo Sri Lanka
Nelum Kuluna Colombo Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Having the South Asian speediest elevators

There are eight elevators getting you up there. Two of them go up the highest speed whereas other three go in a minimum speed. The remaining three will take people to the observation deck within like 2 minutes.

So, is this the speediest lift in the Asia? Yes, this is recognized as the South Asia’s speediest lift. Concerning the height of the tower the professors had decided to build these high-speed elevators for its safety. We”ll see how fast we can reach there.

To which floor are we going now? We are going to the 27th floor where the revolving restaurant is located in. We’ll see how long it will take to reach there. We are at the ground floor now. zero – ground level 27 people can use the lift at a time.

How long will it take to reach us there? Within like 33 seconds may be. 7 meters per second. Its takes Approximately 33 seconds to Reach Top of the Lotus Tower. 33 seconds above 29 floors. Could see the heart of the Colombo city on the waterfront of the picturesque.

The Rotating Restaurant of Lotus Tower

So, this must be the well-known revolving restaurant? yes! The same landscape has been characterized in the towers like Canton restaurant in Sydney. Likewise, many famous restaurant includes this revolving experience.

This is the same How many can dine at a time? Will house 255 seats. No one could see this ravishing Colombo except from a helicopter or a drone.

At a stretch could see the Colombo harbor, Maradana railway station, Aluthkade high court. Kelani. even the new city, Galle face but this is spectacular Usually how long does it take to revolve around? one and half hour depending on their mealtime.

Also, it could be changed in accordance with their requirement, even can be changed to one hour. Is it fast? It slowly moves around. If you take a minute and sit you could observe it, but it’s not a obvious movement. We are at the outskirt of the petals.

Lotus Tower LED Lights & Effects in Night

You could identify the petals it selves if you have a look on the outer side. How did you plan this smooth lighting system? How do they change accordingly? Are these bulbs?

Nelum kuluna night view
lotus tower night view

There are 7 LED lights inside this, as a result multi colors can be optimized. This is operated by a computer system A Symphony of Lights will offer the audience a fresh visual experience through the reprogramming of relevant LED panels.

This is significant because, if it’s a day of mourning or on a special dayor on an Independence Day digitalized scene can be visualized. This could be illuminated with colours, designs and visuals. this includes all these features.

Today only I could see the elegant beauty of the country. Thus, an urbanized landscape. This is the tallest completed tower in South Asia.19th tallest completed tower in the world. World’s tallest tower of transition is the CN Tower The height of the tower 553fts.

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