Zoom Video Conferencing

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Zoom Video Conferencing

I know that a lot of you guys are in the education space and recently there’s been a large transition into online classes and Zoom is the best platform in my opinion, to host online video conferences. Even if you’re not a teacher, Zoom is a very robust yet light application where you can set up your own video conferences in minutes.

People will be able to join video conferences by clicking on your link and you’ll be able to have options such as sharing your screen, sharing your video camera, as well as enabling the chat.

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How to create a Zoom account

let’s get started for Zoom Video Conferencing.

So the first thing you want to do is go ahead and go on Zoom.us and click on sign up to make your own Zoom account. Once you enter your email, you want to click on sign up. You’re going to then go onto your email and click on activate account when you receive your confirmation email, and then your Zoom account should be ready to go once you create your password and enter your name.

Setting up to a video conferencing on Zoom

Now once your account is made, we’re going to be doing everything with the app. So what you want to do is go in your account and then go to the top and click on host a meeting. And it doesn’t matter which ones you choose because the first time you actually go to host a meeting, you’re going to be downloading the Zoom application. So, once you go ahead and click on launch meeting, Zoom will automatically update and download onto your computer.

It’s a very light application, so it should not take up too much space and it does not require intense computing power. So, as you can see, Zoom has now launched, the camera’s on so you can see me as well. And at the bottom you’re going to find the entire menu. I’m just going to stop the video for now. So, you guys can focus on the bottom.

Zoom Video Conferencing
children online education class room

Now these are all the different settings you’re going to be utilizing. So on the very left side you have the options to turn on and off your microphone as well as to turn on and off your video camera. Now if you want to change your microphone or your camera, you simply click on this arrow and you can choose which microphone and speaker you want to use.

You also have the option to go into the settings and change the different options you have for the webcam as well as the microphone you’re using in terms of the resolution you want, the ratio you want and all that other good stuff. Now once you have your microphone and your video set up, you can invite people to your meeting.

Now there’s different ways you can invite people. You can email them, but the best way in my opinion to invite people to hear your meeting is to click on copy URL and now you have a URL that you can automatically send to people and if they paste it into their browser, it’s going to execute the Zoom launcher and they’re going to be joining your meeting right away.

Now once you have people invited to your meeting, you can see who is in the conference by clicking on manage participants. And so, once you click on it, this bar will appear on the right hand you have the option of muting your different listeners as well as renaming them if there’s people that have the same name.

You have only few more steps make to Zoom Video Conferencing Now. if you are the leader of the conference and you want to speak, you also have the option of muting everybody and unmuting them as they speak. And if you have a running lecture going on, one really useful feature is to go onto more and click on mute participants on entry, so that you don’t have anyone who’s going to be entering the conference with their mic accidentally on causing any interruptions.

Online Viedo Conference call
Online Video Conference call

If you want to change controls of your different participants, you can also click on this arrow and go to advanced sharing options where you can choose who can share and who can start sharing when someone else is sharing,

You can change that to only the host if you wanted to. Now, you can also access the chat by clicking on chat and here where you can do is you have the option of once again muting and unmuting everybody and then you can also send your own messages down below over here by typing things out and you can choose who you want to send it to and you can also send any files including PDFs and PowerPoints.

Along with chats, you can also add different reactions to other participants if they’re speaking, and this won’t show up in the chat box, but rather show up on the top left of the screen. Now in terms of utilizing your screen, what you can do is you can click on share screen and you can choose which window you want to share, or you also have the option of streaming different files.

You can simply click on share and this file will be sent over to all of the participants. Now if you want to save your lectures, all you have to do is click on record or press all Alt+R and the lecture will start recording. And once you stop it, it will automatically save onto your desktop.

Finally, once you’re done with your meeting and you want to close it, you can go ahead on and click on end meeting. And then you can either leave the meeting if you know there’s other individuals still discussing, or you can end the meeting for all.

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